One Little Firecracker-Wes is One!

Where do I even begin?! I can’t believe a year with our sweet Wes Aron has passed by this quickly! He has not been the easiest babe, but my goodness he is the sweetest.

One Year pictures: Wildflower Blooms Photography by Shae Young

Wes Aron,

A whole year old already! I can’t even put into words how I feel about you sweet babe. There has been such a bond from the start. The moment you were placed on me, you instantly stopped crying, and I will never forget those sweet moments we had. There are moments I look at you, and you look exactly like that first day.

I had hoped to have a mamas boy, and you by far have been one. I love being your number one pick, I love the way you say mama all day, and how you reach for me all the time. The way you look at me is something I never want to forget at this age, and those open mouth kisses where you say “mmm mah” are some of my favorite moments. And the way you have to make sure I see everything by holding it up saying “this” till I respond.

You have the BEST personality shining through each day more, and more! I think you would just sit all day looking through books especially about animals, dinosaurs, and toy story. I love watching you light up at each page. Or saying “buzzzz” or “rawer.” You have such a love of food, just like your mama. If you could have a snack in hand all day, you would. The sweet little smacking noise you make when I mention snack, is the sweetest thing I want to remember always, or the way you simply get excited if asked if you want more. I would have to say you are the best sou chef around. The sound of you in your own kitchen, stirring away, is just the best.

You have gotten better in public, but still have a very hard time with strangers, and totally break down at times making even going to dinner a little hard, and doctor visits terrible, but it’s okay. When daddy comes home, you light up and want to run to him, even though it’s still a little tough to do yet, it’s hard figuring out those feet! Bubble baths are simply your favorite, and the site of you and Trent giving kisses warms this mamas heart to watch. I hope you boys always stay close, always look to each other, and never stop having fun together, even though most days are full of fights already.

Please, please, please never change my love. Always dance when music comes on, be curious about everything, talk up a storm, keep that love of food and books, and always give those sweet snuggles you give. Be careful with your little temper, you can’t always have your way, my strong willed boy. But always be passionate about what you love. I love you more than words and love watching you grow. I will always be your biggest fan my little firecracker. Love you baby!

Your mama

Birthday Boy shirt: QT & Co.

Party details:


ONE little firecracker!

-fitting as his due date was the Fourth of July!


Boys shirts: Panhandle Pearl and Co

Boys shorts:Hayden and GrantHighchair Banner:NoLandLikeGarland

Cake Topper: Bells N Berries

Invite: Sincerely Susan Design & Co.

Cake: The Canyon Cake Company

One Year Sign:Chalky PrintablesCupcakes: Cutie Cakes

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