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A santa visit is always a scary thought for us as mamas, isn’t it? We just never know what to expect! It’s a scary moment usually for the babies as well! I have to admit I really love the crying Santa pictures! Call me mean! Trent was not the happiest last year, it was nap time and all, but he still did pretty good overall for a 6 month old! He lasted maybe 2 minutes before crying.

I am still in shock at how AMAZING our Santa visit went this year! Honestly, I was expecting tears from both my boys! Wes is at a clingy stage to mama, and Trent is an 18 month old who I never know what to expect from day to day, even minute to minute. I mean screaming and tears can happen out of no where these days. Toddler life.

I was totally wrong. We walked in and instant smiles from Trent! It made this mamas heart so happy! A boy after my own heart, loving Christmas! Someone finally on my side in this house! Then came time to take Wes out of his car seat, my heart was beating like crazy, and once handed to Santa was all happy too. What? Not one tear? These boys usually give me a run for my money.

I have some fun tips on how to make Santa a fun visit! I mean the tricks may not work for all, but anything can help, right? Just remember to have fun! These are the memories you will look back on!

5 Fun Tips for Visiting Santa:

1.) If you are taking a toddler, try to prepare them! Start talking about Santa a few days before, read books with Santa in them, make Santa cookies. I swear talking to them helps so much, even if it seems like they aren’t listening, they are. Obviously a baby is a different story.

2.) For a baby, and toddler, try not to let them see Santa till they are on his lap! I learned this trick when we went to a mall Santa last year! Back the baby up on to Santa! It really does help!

3.) Find a good Santa! So many photographers do Santa photo shoots these days, the mall ones can be a little scary. Remember not to stress, even the freaking out pictures are great memories! Just remember to make it fun! If it’s a total bust, do something fun for them after.

4.) Bring a fun, non messy snack to bribe! Mini marshmallows are a great go to! I didn’t have to use them, but I had them in my pocket ready to go!

5.) Plan an outfit that doesn’t clash with Santa’s red suit! Pick a different color! I LOVE pajamas for Santa pictures, while others like to dress up! I just go for a solid color like white, or green!

Extra Tip: I gave Trent an extra nap this day and extra snacks to keep him happy before getting there! It’s okay to go off your normal to have a happy camper!

A HUGE thank you to Milk House Market for hosting Santa every year and Jacy for making it happen! I am so thankful to have this option for my boys, and create these memories in such a great place! It has been worth the drive each year! Santa is really Santa- and such a trooper!

Last year November 2017:

This year November 2018:

So fun to see our family grow- Wes was in the first picture too!

Location: Milk House Market- Friona, TX

Photographer: Jacy Weatherly

Green Pajamas: Loved Baby


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