The 4th Trimester and Recovery Tips!

Not many women talk too much about the 4th trimester. It’s like everyone is scared to hear the truth about after having a baby and all that happens emotionally and physically to you as a woman! Or maybe it’s because we don’t want to scare the new mamas to be?

The 4th trimester is considered from birth to 3 months of a babies life! It’s when you have your beautiful baby in the world with you finally, but you do not feel a lick of beautiful. That sweet bundle makes it all so worth it. I’m not sure why I thought I would just automatically be back to myself once the baby was born, which don’t get me wrong the moment they are finally out is amazing both emotionally and physically! But at the same time that lovely pooch is in full effect, hormones are wild, emotions break free, the bloating takes over, sleepless nights kick in, and your boobs, oh the horror! It’s kinda funny that you don’t realize you and your baby will both be leaving in diapers! Too much? I guess the truth is brutal!

My boys both ended up being colicky babies in my 4th trimesters. It was just tough as a mama when you just want to help your baby and there are just no answers for why they are screaming. My second has been harder emotionally as well. I was always the one who did everything for my first son and the smallest things like someone else giving him a bath would set me off into tears! Mom guilt is such a real thing and I really never understood mom shaming till my second was born! Since when do we shame moms for having babies close together?!

Life is slowly getting better over here. I’m finally somewhat figuring things out, we are no where in the clear, but it’s a lot better! My screaming baby is finally starting to just be full of smiles, talking, and starting to sleep better! Those first 3 months really are the toughest! Especially with two under two! But we are figuring it out. The rough days are so worth the look these boys give me as their mama, like I’m the love of their life. I am their first love and I am so lucky to be! Their love for each other kills this mama already too!

My first baby was much more difficult recovery wise! I guess 3.5 hours of pushing will do that to a girl! I literally felt like I got hit by a train. Everything from my tailbone to my feet just ached! It didn’t help that I was constantly going and not resting, my first son was in the NICU and as a NICU mom there’s really no rest! I’ve literally never seen so much swelling in my life! I wanted to take a needle and just pop my dinosaur size feet!

My second recovery was a breeze compared to my first! I guess 15 minutes of pushing will do that! Honestly though no mater how big the baby, what size you are, what the circumstances are, a baby still comes out of you and recovery can just be rough. These are the items I loved for the recovery process! Good luck mamas to be!

  • •The “diaper pack“-
  • 1.) Always pads-the big ones
  • 2.) Pantie liners- for the end
  • 3.) Cortizone cream
  • 4.) Hemmoroid pads
  • 5.) Numbing spray
  • 6.) Water bottle sprayer – the hospital will provide one, but I loved this oneBaby Frida Water Sprayer
  • The “Boob pack”
  • 1.) Nipple Pads – breastfeeding or not, you will leak! These were my favorite! Stock up!
  • 2.) Nipple cream – I liked this kind when I breastfed!
  • 3.) 3 in 1 Therapy – This was such an awesome kit! The ice part was awesome for engorgement pain! I used this especially when stopping breastfeeding the second time!
  • Underwear– I was recommended many types, but these are my top pick for Recovery Underwear . I just went up a size from my normal for comfort.
  • Bras– I’ve tried various bras, and these were a top pick aside from my usual sports bras. Lively Bralette
  • Other fun new mama must haves
  • 1.) Sweat outfits- the looser the better!
  • 2.) Yeti mug, coffee drinker or not! Great for water too!
  • 3.) Netflix- awesome for those late nights! Or the days that just blend into one another!
  • 4.) Easy snacks! Stuff you can easily grab while holding a baby in the other!
  • 5.) An easy foundation –Beautycounter Foundation – this one is like a BB cream with good coverage!
  • Hooray for making it through the 4th Trimester! It went too fast already! Please slow down time!
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