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Since becoming a mom, it has been hitting me on how many awful products there are out there, especially ones that are going on our sensitive babies! Since having my son Trent, a year ago, I have been wanting to make my home a more natural home. I have been wanting to cut down on chemical cleaning products, switch to natural baby skin products, more natural beauty products, even looking at food for whenever I am no longer pregnant. The list could literally go on and on! I am not an expert in this field, but have been doing lots of research and slowly making changes, and I am loving what I have come across so far!

I have a cousin (technically second cousin, I think?) that began working as a consultant for the company BeautyCounter after becoming a mama to her two little ones. Her main goal is to be an advocate for safer beauty-just what I have been looking for! I have been watching her posts for a while now, but was hesitant to try anything out-isn’t that always the hardest step?!

Kimberly has been in the beauty industry for around 15 years, and does such good research on products and how to use them, not just beauty counter. She has such good tips to give too, for example using coconut oil for a facial cleaner before your actual cleanser, amazing! She reached out to me a few weeks back about trying the Baby Bundle offered by BeautyCounter and actually gifted it to my boys to try out, best decision ever! I am LOVING it all! I have been using these products on Trent for around 2 weeks and have already noticed a difference in his skin and hair! The even better part is the baby products can be used in SO many other ways too, even for us mamas!

What have I tried on Trent? 


1.) Gentle All Over Wash– There really is no scent at all, it smells really natural which I love! I use this on Trent nightly, I put a little on a wash cloth and rub that boy all over-even his face, its a tear free cleaner! I also use a little daily in his hair and I swear his hair is even softer, if that was even possible!

2.) Baby Soothing Oil– I personally have used this on myself! I started rubbing this on my pregnant belly and its awesome! I don’t feel greasy after use! I have also used this on Trent, even in his hair for a more natural product to do his hair!

3.)Baby Daily Protective Balm– This is to act as a protective layer for those sensitive patches! I have been putting this on all of Trent’s small little bumpy patches and they have gone down significantly! His skin has been looking so much better! I’ve even been comfortable putting this on his face! I have also used this in his hair as well! I would think this would be an awesome cure for diaper rash too!

I also made a switch in my facial products as well! I was thinking about how often my face touches my sons all day long and that has to do something! I have been using the same makeup since I was a teenager and needed a major change! I still have a few favorite products I can’t give up just yet, but baby steps right?! I have old scarring from those teenage years and pregnancy, and just overly dry skin since moving to Texas! I asked Kimberly her suggestions and after reading on all of them after she suggested them, I dove in! Guess what?! I am loving the change! My skin already seems better and I know it will take time, but I would highly recommend making the change!

What am I loving?

1.) Nourishing Cream Cleanser– I have been using this once in the morning and once at night daily! It washes everything away! I finally found a cleanser that even removes my mascara!

2.)Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion – I have been using this daily after I wash my face, and have totally noticed a difference!

3.)Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer – I put this one on as a light coverage for everyday use when I am just home with Trent!

4.)Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation – This I put over the Dew Skin for when I want full on coverage and leave my house!

5.) Brightening Facial Oil – I have old scars on my face from acne back in those lovely teenage years! I use a few drops of this at night and pat it into my skin to help lighten all the problem areas! While it is an oil, I do not feel super oily at all using it!

Make sure to check out Kimberly Boosey’s BeautyCounter website and ask her any questions! She will help personalize to your needs like she did to mine! I am not an expert at any of these products, but I am loving this change for myself and Trent so far! Next on my list is sunscreen, check it out!

BeautyCounter-Kimberly Boosey- Living Spunky


My name is Chelsie Overgaauw. Born in New Mexico, grew up in California, and now living my adult life in Texas. I am a 26 year old stay at home {new} mama to my sweet boy and I am married to my best friend. I have experienced a lot in life already, good and bad, and have a lot more to experience. I am a lover of cooking, writing, photography, and design. Follow along to learn more.

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