Letter to Trent

I have been all over the place these days and feel overwhelmed with all kinds of pregnancy emotions! Trent’s first birthday has come and gone (way to fast if you ask me) and now, my latest adventure has been getting everything ready for baby number 2!

Anyway, Trent had his cake smash pictures a couple months back and I HAVE to share some! It was seriously so fun to celebrate my sweet boy in so many ways for his birthday from this photo shoot, to his birthday party with family and friends, and then his actual birthday full of balloons, picking out his first goldfish, and having an ice cream date-his current favorite.

I had to write a little letter to my sweet boy too! So don’t mind my hormonal words.

Trent Alan,

Where do I even begin with this letter? I could never fit all the words I want into this letter, but ill try and fit some. How has one year already passed us by?! This year, even though a rough start, was by far the best chapter of my life. I could not ask for anyone better to make me a mama. I waited for you, and cried for you, for years. But you, yourself, are much greater than anything I ever imagined. I never knew a love like the love you have shown me. An unconditional love I never knew, and I thought I did. I had thought there would never be a you, and that broke my heart.

The day you were born was not all rainbows and butterflies, a day that should have been perfect, unfortunately, was awful for both of us. But you are one tough boy, right from the start you were a stubborn little guy, fighting your way through everything, all while letting everyone know it, just as you do still to this day, my little sour patch baby. The moment I held you, my world became about you.

Your dad and I are simply obsessed with you sweet boy! I hope you never change! I hope you always stay yourself and that your sweet innocence lasts as long as possible. I hope you always have a mind of your own and fight for what you want, I’ll deal with the tantrums for now if it makes you a better man one day. I hope the little, simple things give you excitement, I love watching things through your eyes. I hope you always keep your sensitive side and that your caring heart always shines through. You have such a caring soul, all while being wild. I hope you love on your dad and me as long as possible and one day you give this kind of love to someone that loves every part of you. Always be you, my love. This is nothing better. I hope this crazy world lets you be whatever you want to be, it’s a scary place at times, but your dad and I are always going to be here to love you, support you, protect you, and be your number one fans, always.

I love the fact that you need me, and the way you say mama right now. I love your caring heart, I don’t think I’ve met a more sensitive little guy. I love that you know what you want already, even if you kill me with tantrums. I love that naughty smile you give me when you know what you are doing is bad. I love your love for food, just like me. I love every single finger, toe, dimple, and roll of yours! I could go on forever. I don’t want to ever forget this stage with you. I wish you didn’t have to grown up my love, but I am so excited to see where this life takes you and what your dreams end up being. I love you to the moon and back, and beyond my sweet baby. One year down, and many more to come!

Photography: Wild Flower Blooms Photography


My name is Chelsie Overgaauw. Born in New Mexico, grew up in California, and now living my adult life in Texas. I am a 26 year old stay at home {new} mama to my sweet boy and I am married to my best friend. I have experienced a lot in life already, good and bad, and have a lot more to experience. I am a lover of cooking, writing, photography, and design. Follow along to learn more.

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