Trent’s First Birthday Party Details!

Where do I even begin?! I have been seriously thinking of this birthday party since Trent was around 6 months old! It is seriously the most fun to plan your babies birthday party, especially the first!

Fishing has been apart of my husbands life since forever, and since being with him it has grown on me as well-I guess it should now that we will have two boys! We use to go on fun dates fishing and camping back in the day! So it made sense that we included the theme in some of our engagement photos, Trent’s newborn pictures were going to have the theme (we didn’t end up doing them, I attempted 😂), and then the theme for his first birthday has been stuck in my head since day one!

I might have gone a little wild with everything, but the first birthday is huge to me! It’s such a milestone! We made it through the NICU, the newborn days of tears and no sleep for all of us, the rough colic phase, and just watching Trent turn into such a sweet, wild, and happy toddler! It is so crazy to say, toddler!

I started with figuring out the date of the party, and it was absolutely perfect to my husband and myself to have it on what would have been Trent’s Grandpa Marks 59th birthday, May 6th. Unfortunately, both our dads, Trent’s grandpas, have passed away, but we want Trent to know all about the great men they were. I love finding days with such special meaning. We decided as a family to celebrate him that day too and to continue this every year with our boy. The crazy thing is I thought Trent would come on this day, one year ago, I was having contractions (that stopped), but we are so happy Trent has his own special day.

Then the actual detailed planning started! Check out the details from Trent’s special birthday party! It came and went just way too fast! It was such an emotional, yet overly fun day celebrating our big ONE year old with family and friends! Warning there will be more blogs to come!

The Details:

“The Big One Banner” and “One” highchair Banner-

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Trent Sign:

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Monthly Bobber Banner:

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Fish Cookies:

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Fish Cupcakes and Fish Cake:

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Trent’s outfit: June and January






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