Road Trip #1 in the books!

My husband and I have been taking road trips together since we were dating. We have driven the California coast line on Highway 1 {HIGHLY recommend at least once in your life}, we have gone from California to Texas too many times to count, California to Arizona, Texas to South Dakota, and so many other little road trips along the way! I feel like so many of our best memories have been made through road trips. Of course, who really loves sitting in the car for extended periods of time? But in the end they have all been worth it for myself. I want my kids to grow up experiencing new places through their lives and road trips give such good memories! I can’t tell you how many times I was in the car growing up.

This weekend my husband and I attempted our first road trip with our baby. 12 hours one way, 12 hours back. Insane to do this for our first try, I know. I felt absolutely nuts for the last month leading up to this trip, and just feeling anxious about how it would go. I have read articles and advice, but really what is that going to do when your child starts screaming, was my thinking at least. This was not only our first road trip with baby, but ALSO our first getaway with our baby. My son just turned 3 months old last week and it was just time to get out of my house. When is the right time to try, right?!  My biggest fear was that after the last few weeks of sleep training, schedules, and FINALLY having a happy baby, that everything would just be wiped away in one weekend. How could that not scare you as a new mom!?

After packing up what felt like my whole house for the weekend, my husband and I began this crazy weekend by waking up our son in the middle of the night, thinking {fingers crossed}, that if he was woken up and fed, that he would just sleep his regular nightly schedule of sleep. He did it!! I felt horrible waking up a peaceful sleeping baby, but it worked out in my favor in the end. It was a complete shock to me. I was expecting my baby Terrordactyl dinosaur to come out-his scream is horrible when he is absolutely mad-and I expected this for 12 hours straight. I am beyond proud! He slept half way there and was a trooper for the remaining! Of course there were moments of screams and tears, and moments I would just have to take him out of his seat-I know, I know bad mom move, but what else do you do when that is the option! The drive was mostly in the middle of nowhere anyway! Don’t act like you haven’t done it too. The last hour each way was probably the worst just because all three of us were just over being in the car. If that was our biggest problem, then I have to say it went so well!

I have not had a easy baby by any means, even though he has become such a good and sweet baby after working on a schedule. This trip was just such a relief and shock. I am just so beyond proud of my boy and so happy we can go on trips! Well not another 12 hour trip any time soon, but at least to places closer by! The next adventure on the list is our first airplane ride with a baby in a month. Yikes is right! I will take all the tips I can get, because this mama is not looking forward to it.

I do have a few tips that worked for me on this trip:

  1. Bring your typical and not typical bedtime and naptime essentials in the car- for me a portable sound machine and cover to make the car seat dark {Milk Snob cover worked great}
  2. One parent sit in the back with baby to entertain the baby. 
  3. Take a route with few stops, babies hate stop lights and traffic-you have been warned.
  4. Toys that hook on the car seat- your car will be a disaster zone. 
  5. Feed on the go, stop when you need to use the restroom or eat, and make sure to walk around with baby for a bit.
  6. Leave part way through a bedtime or at bedtime so they sleep the most part.
  7. Best tip of all-Do what you gotta do, you know your baby!

PS. South Dakota is a must see in your life if you love greenery!

The sights on the way aren’t too bad either:


My name is Chelsie Overgaauw. Born in New Mexico, grew up in California, and now living my adult life in Texas. I am a 26 year old stay at home {new} mama to my sweet boy and I am married to my best friend. I have experienced a lot in life already, good and bad, and have a lot more to experience. I am a lover of cooking, writing, photography, and design. Follow along to learn more.

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